Carolyn Van Slyck


Dorking around on the internet since 1995

kubernetes, go, docker

I am a chair for Kubernetes SIG Service Catalog, and a member of the Kubernetes Code of Conduct Committee.

go, dependency management

I am a maintainer for dep, the upcoming dependency manager for Go.

go, docker, bash, powershell

Docker Version Manager (dvm) is a cross-platform command-line tool that helps you install and switch between Docker clients.

docker swarm, jupyter

Learn Docker in your web browser, no setup or installation required.

The components of howtowhale are available for you to use to run your own workshop: Whale in a Box. Host a website with your training materials and participants can run through them in their browser.

c#, openstack

OpenStack.NET is the .NET SDK for the OpenStack cloud platform. It is designed to enable developers to seamlessly work with the many services provided by the OpenStack cloud operating system.

C#, ASP.NET MVC4, Web Api, Azure, Entity Framework, JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout

Customizable nutrition journal. Uses the USDA nutrition database and user submitted foods. Allows the user to customize which nutrients and additional statistics they wish to track and generate reports.


Nutritionix is one of the nutrition data sources for Bytes for Health. This is the .NET client library I wrote for their API.

Download from NuGet

Open Source Atlassian Plugins

I can’t stop writing plugins for my favorite Atlassian products. Partly because my favorite projects to work on are dev tools, “Hey I’m my own user!” and partly because Bamboo and Stash are new enough that there is lots of low-hanging fruit.

Java, Atlassian Bamboo, REST

Trade Depot is a plugin for Atlassian Bamboo which enables importing and exporting individual plans. It exposes a REST API using straightforward json so that you can create plan templates, automate the creation and maintenance of plans, copy plans to another server, etc.

Ideally functionality like this would provided directly by Bamboo, however as that feature request was resolved after 7 years with "you will need to write your own", I decided to take them up on their offer.

Download the beta from Atlassian Marketplace
Java, Atlassian Bamboo

As of v5.5, Bamboo only provides two notifications: on start and on completed. This is a plugin for Bamboo which provides additional deployment notifications for when a deployment fails (arguably the most useful notification!). They work exactly the same way as their build notification counterparts.

  • Failed Deployments And First Successful
  • After X Deployment Failures
Download the latest version from Atlassian Marketplace
Java, Atlassian Stash, git

A pre-receive hook plugin for Atlassian Stash. It rejects merge commits where all the parents for the commit are from the same branch. Merges which involve multiple branches, e.g. merging a feature branch into master, are allowed.

The goal is to prevent unnecessary merge commits, e.g. "Merge branch 'master' of mygitserver:owner/repo", from polluting a repository. I developed this because I personally prefer to pull using --rebase and wanted to enforce this policy on my Stash repositories.

Download the latest version from Atlassian Marketplace
Java, Atlassian Stash, git

Force Field is a pre-receive hook plugin for Atlassian Stash. It protects specific branches from force pushes, e.g git push --force.

Download the latest version from Atlassian Marketplace
Java, Atlassian Bamboo, git

Integrates GitVersion into Bamboo, provides a task which generates a semantic version for your build and deployments.

Download the latest version from Atlassian Marketplace
Java, Atlassian Stash

Chuck Norris has the only hook you'll ever need! This Stash plugin prints a fact about Chuck Norris on each push.

Download the latest version from Atlassian Marketplace