Carolyn Van Slyck

Right Hook!

I was recently invited to join Atlassian Allstars program, which I would love to link to but they don’t appear to have a public page so… oops maybe I wasn’t supposed to let anyone know about it. First rule of Atlassian Allstars is you don’t talk about Atlassian Allstars! In my ongoing quest to earn enough achievment points to be a part of the Atlassian Justice League Atlassian Customer Advisory panel… I took on the Stash: Beer-o-Clock challenge.

I decided to create a Stash repository hook that prints out a Chuck Norris quote every time you push. I whipped up the plugin in short order and tweeted a screenshot to claim my achievos.

Who would have guessed that would become my most popular tweet to date? Other than Chuck Norris that is. :-) So by popular demand I give you… Right Hook! Install, enjoy and feel free to fork and use for your own evil purposes.