Carolyn Van Slyck


My open-source projects are available on GitHub.

C#, ASP.NET MVC4, Web Api, Azure, Entity Framework, JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout

Customizable nutrition journal. Uses the USDA nutrition database and user submitted foods. Allows the user to customize which nutrients and additional statistics they wish to track and generate reports.


Nutritionix is one of the nutrition data sources for Bytes for Health. This is the .NET client library I wrote for their API.

Java, Atlassian Stash, Git

A pre-receive hook plugin for Atlassian Stash. It rejects merge commits where all the parents for the commit are from the same branch. Merges which involve multiple branches, e.g. merging a feature branch into master, are allowed.

The goal is to prevent unnecessary merge commits, e.g. “Merge branch ‘master’ of mygitserver:owner/repo”, from polluting a repository. I developed this because I personally prefer to pull using –rebase and wanted to enforce this policy on my Stash repositories.

Download the latest version from Atlassian Marketplace