Open Source 101

Carolyn Van Slyck

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I have altered the scope... pray that I don't alter it further - Darth Vadar Slides @


Either way, this is close enough and has gone on way too long. It's time to merge. - Gopher in sunglasses Slides @

Why I chose open source

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My Little Cluster Story

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I don't know why everyone is collaborating... and at this point I'm afraid to ask - Andy Dwyer Slides @

Contribute - Code

  • Bug Fixes
  • Features
  • Build Work
    • Bumping dependency versions
    • Improving local developer experience
    • CI - Code linters
    • CI - Windows
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Contribute - Test

  • Test coverage
  • Integration / End-to-End tests
  • Testability
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Contribute - Doc

  • Getting Started
  • Core Concepts
  • Configuration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Meta (contributing, CoC, reviewing, issue templates)
  • Website Framework/Build
  • Website Design
  • Inline comments/doc
  • Answered questions -> FAQ
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Contribute - Project Management

  • Attend community meetings
  • Taking notes, recordings
  • Labeling issues
  • Closing stale issues or fixed issues
  • Tracking milestones
  • Putting together releases

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Contribute - Help

  • Reading issues as they come and commenting where you can
  • Answering questions
  • Find gaps in the doc
  • Identifying duplicates, related questions or previous answers
  • Reproduce a bug report
  • Trying out fixes
  • Chatting with people on slack, helping other users
  • Providing feedback on design proposals
  • Ask clarifying questions on a code review
  • Experience reports
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Contribution Ladder

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Select a Project

  • You use it
  • You are learning it
  • You need to fix it
  • You want to influence it
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(Re)set Your Expectations

  • What's "normal"?
  • Time Distortion Fields
  • Know your peers
  • Remember why you are here
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Your First PR

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Asking for Help

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Your First PR ... Day 2

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Casual Contributor

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Build Trust

  • Incremental, small changes
  • The art of the follow-on PR
  • Remember your own goals
  • Check your ego
  • Seek compomise ...
  • ... know your boundaries
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Kind Code Reviews

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The Crushing Guilt

Whether things are good or bad or you're simply eating tacos in the park, there is always the crushing guilt. - Jack Donaghy Slides @

Exit Strategy

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Thank you


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